Who Are Serimax Field Joint Coating

Serimax Field Joint Coating (SFJC) are a provider of advanced field joint coating services and systems to both onshore and offshore pipeline contractors.

SFJC understands the needs of the industry well and provides innovative equipment and technology solutions to meet the demands of today’s challenging environment. The business has designed and developed new and advanced concepts for surface preparation (abrasive blasting), induction heating and field joint coating.

Our focus is to leverage technology to bring efficiencies that provide technical, operational and commercial benefits for our customers.

SFJC is supported by the established global leader, Serimax; providing premium solutions for automatic welding, fabrication, multi-jointing and spoolbase management services to the industry. Serimax has a world class reputation for HSEQ, engineering, innovation, project management and leadership. These skills and attributes have been key to SFJC delivering similarly world-leading field joint coating application services to the industry

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