Multi Component Liquid (MCL)

Multi-Component Liquid ( MCL) is a spray applied coating system for field joints, valves, bends, etc. that require an anti-corrosive coating, which can be either an Epoxy and / or Polyurethane based product.

Prior to application surface preparation and pre-heating is often a fundamental pre-requisite for this type of coating.

Orbiter™ MCL In Action

Application can be completed using various techniques the main being:

  • Hand Applied: MCL is sprayed manually and is used generally for inaccessible areas, Oversized Field joints, Bends and Pipeline components that are impossible to access with automated equipment.
  • Automatically Applied: Serimax FJC uses its proprietary “Orbiter™ MCL” robot to apply an even, smooth and uniform coating that provides repeatable quality throughout the length of any project. Using an automated system reduces costs for both Labour and material, whilst providing a significantly safer and green application process to traditional hand applied techniques.