Orbiter Demo in Edmonton – June 2018

Published on 01/06/2018 in Demonstrations

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Serimax FJC recently hosted a demonstration of our Orbiter™ MCL automated field joint coating equipment at the facilities of Cross Country Pipeline Supply, Spruce Grove, Edmonton.

Louis-Nicolas Hallez, Miles Wenger were on hand to host about 20 senior representatives from the pipeline contractors community in Alberta. The demonstration was arranged to showcase our automated FJC equipment and to show the requirement for reduced manning, speed of application and accuracy and reproducibility of our equipment.

There are a lot of pending pipeline projects in Canada that may start before the end of 2018 and Serimax FJC are well placed to capture a part of that work, mobilising equipment from the Cross Country facility in Spruce Grove.

Serimax FJC Orbiter Demonstration in Edmonton

Serimax FJC Orbiter Demonstration in Edmonton 2