Project Award: Future Growth Project (FGP) – Kazakhstan

Published on 14/11/2018 in Project Awards

In April 2018, Serimax FJC and our partner in Kazakhstan ‘Access & Coating Group’ (ACG) demonstrated our Orbiter™ FBE and Orbiter™ MCL automated field joint coating equipment to a number of specially invited contractors and end users at the Tengiz facilities of ACG. This demonstration was performed with all intent at being awarded a section of the Future Growth Project (FGP) for TCO.

The mobilisation of our coating equipment started in late May 2018 and personnel arrived on site in Kazakhstan in late June to start setting up site and preparing for the PQT trials.

A PQT was successfully completed during the month July by Serimax FJC, Test results have just been published and ALL testing has easily passed the criteria set by the TCO coating engineers meaning that the coating can commence.

Coating will be both  Liquid epoxy (MCL) & Dual Layer FBE both systems will be applied using our Orbiter™ Range of Robots.

Dual Layer Field Joint

During the 2nd week of October 2018 Coating services  will commence and is scheduled to continue through until 2022, this will see coatings applied during harsh winters and sweltering summers due to the environment and climate condition that Kazakhstan is used to.